The New Orleans Function


"For two hours I sat there with a silly smile on my face, thoroughly enjoying myself on the outside, while dancing with fervor on the inside"

Gangi Naomi, Jazz writer and photographer

The New Orleans Function are proud to feature internationally renowned clarinetist Gilad Harel in a brand new project - A tribute to the great American Klezmer clarinetist Dave Tarras. 

Tarras was one of the first to combine klezmer with swing. 

We dress up his marvelous tunes in the New Orleans style, creating a whole new idiom!

Harel's inimitable sound and deep understanding of the Klezmer style blends beautifully with the band's swing and Dixieland groove.

It is fascinating, happy and rich!

"This act is one of the best I’ve seen in the genre and in any other genre.

There are many small elements to please the New Orleans oriented ear, and the New Orleans Function let’s you have many of them.

This is an important aspect, the fact that they do well not only the large gestures, but also the details. 

A band that can do anything. World class."


Mr. Whale, Jazz blogger

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