The New Orleans Function


is no regular Dixieland band.


This all-star ensemble brings to life the classic Jazz genre, fusing modern playing chops and a great love of this music. Following the great masters of traditional Jazz, these musicians transport the listener directly into the roaring twenties.

After careful study of the style and the repertoire, the band serves an enthralling palette of music from the golden age of Jazz – mixing loved, well-known tunes with lesser-known gems. A variety of love songs, dances, spirituals and The Blues, played with the authenticity and the Joie de Vivre that has made this group the prominent Trad-Jazz ensemble in Israel.

In over ten years of activity, the band has brought the genuine sound of New Orleans and Chicago to thousands of people in hundreds of concerts. The band has played on some of the most prestigious stages in Israel, including The Israel Festival, Tel-Aviv Jazz Festival, Hag-HaJazz Festival, Jazz at David’s Citadel, Jacob’s Ladder Festival and many more.


In addition to their regular schedule, The New Orleans Function also serves as the band for international Traditional Jazz greats who perform in Israel (Catherine Russell, Topsy Chapman). They also collaborate with many celebrated Israeli Musicians (Iris Portugally, Hanan Yovel, Israel Gurion, Mika Karni, Jack Sunny and many more), playing both traditional repertoire and Dixieland renditions of Israeli music.

Eli Preminger
Arnon de Botton
Shimi Gilad
Kobi Salomon
Noam Elron
Yair Zaltsman
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