The New Orleans Function

Concerts & Festivals

Beautiful, flexible and happy

We give our clients top notch service AND a great "product". As experienced professionals, we know how hard it is to organize a festival or fill a concert hall, that is why we are ready and willing to help the production of the show as much as possible.

  • Our concert is very easy to start, just give us the sign and we go.

  • Almost no amplification required (depending on the venue but playing acoustically is very possible).

  • We can also play a parade or march around.

  • Guest musicians are welcome, depending on level of playing and stylistic background. We can hook up easily with singers, piano players and pretty much everyone.

  • We are VERY experienced and have been able to reach the public in many different situations

  • We keep strict discipline as to how we look, how we act and be on time, so there is no misunderstanding with our clients.

All the above makes us a perfect choice for festival organizers.

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